About Us

  • Welcome to Kappa Premium Telecom.It is an International company with head office based in India.International premium rate numbers are a way to charge customers for a lot of different services. IPRN allow callers from all over the world to access information and other services provided by a content provider.

  • We offer services, such as gaming, Online Dating, Horoscope, Music Services and for these, you need a Premium Rate number, likely you will choose Domestic Premium Rate Number. These numbers work only in the country in which were issued.

    We provide extensive ranges of International & Domestic Premium Rate Numbers. We understand our client business to provide them with a right solution with the best payment options. We bring International & Domestic Premium Rate Numbers under a single roof with the best Payouts.

  • We supply you with the right number for your service. Our numbers are used by various companies to sure that they have a reliable income for value-added service. We are able to solve all your needs to your service.

    Premium numbers are allowance by service providers and the network is acting by Network Operator. Premium numbers are numbers for business use where callers place calls during certain services record information or live chat service with callers are provided. Premium Numbers is a number which is widely used for below services.

What do we do?

We provide services in the following fields:

  • International Premium rate numbers (IPRNs): We specialize in IPRNs.
  • Audiotext Billing Solutions: If you are looking to provide a service in a country and want a reliable billing solution, we will be able to support you on this.
  • SIP Accounts: If you want to provide chat services, we will be able to open SIP account and guide you through entire process.
  • Bespoke IVR Set up: If you want any audio to be uploaded to your numbers, we can do it for you at no extra cost.
  • Re-seller Account: You will be given an account from where you can create sub accounts for your clients. You can chose the name, user name, password, route numbers, chose the rate you want to give and monitor the traffic. Please contact us and we will gladly work with you to make the process smooth.


  1. Customer First:

    Customer will always be at core of our decisions.

  2. Accountability:

    Provide live and accurate stats and transparent payments.

  3. Positive Energy:

    We work every day with full positive energy to attract positive results.

  4. Team Work:

    We work with suppliers and customers as a team and ingrain this value in our employees as well.

  5. Recognition:

    We recognise efforts and results of our team,suppliers and carriers. It is proven mantra for success.