Kappatelecom delivers you a full service for Best Payout Premium rate numbers with instant payouts. We offer our IVR system that attend the calls directly and also when you are sleeping. There are many calls you can derive to your numbers. There is a great access to Best Payout Premium rate numbers. There are services, astrology, data collection, voting, entertainment or technical and professional advice.

The consumer makes a premium rate call to pay for a service, the cost is then charged on their telephone bill. The big difference is that without numbers you receive a best payout Premium rate numbers for each call made to your service. You got the best payouts on the most important markets.

KappaTelecom is a good opportunity for everyone who wants to make money online.

Today most popular premium SMS services are information services (e.g.: weather, news, programs). SMS Services is the positive way to make your message reach several people across the globe simultaneously.

SMS reaches users instantly without being too disruption like a phone call. It creates mobile services using premium rate SMS messages. These services may be Music service, data services etc. SMS Premium rate numbers make it possible to collect money from users of these services. These services are often referred to asmicropayment services. We provide you IVR and SMS Premium rate numbers services to promote numbers.

We offer different payouts from different countries. When you get a premium rate number you’re investing in one of the highest rates in the market with a guaranteed weekly payout from reliable providers.


Online Dating

Use our numbers and conferencing platform to build your own Online Dating service.Start promoting your numbers and watch your active calls, statistics and real time earnings grow.


News Updates

If you really like daily and latest News Updates on your phone, you can provide this information on a recorded basis and we can route your allocated numbers to the service.



Premium rate numbers allocated by us can be routed to a live or recorded horoscope service provided by you.The user can listen to predictions based on his horoscope.


Weather Forecast

Find the right numbers for your different markets and route them to your weather forecast service. Make sure you promote the right numbers.


Directory Enquiries

We can arrange authorized and regulated Directory Enquiry numbers In some regions, which are routed to call centers providing information services.


Sports Updates

There are many ways of monetizing in the sporting world: up-to-date score, statistics, transfer news, team news, gossip, predictions,and more.


Traffic Security

We offers you effective and efficient anti-fraud and security attack preventions in order to help your protect you network and business.


Music Services

We offers you effective and efficient music services and caller tunes etc services which user can listen and chose on demand.


Charity Donation

We offers you the premium number for charity donation on which user can do a charity donation through that whenever he want to do.